What The Hell Have I

A friend recently reminded me that I have this blog and he does like to read what I put on here. Never one to disappoint, it seemed opportune to address the serious neglect that this site regularly suffers from due from my chronic inattentiveness.

I haven’t been lazy so much as genuinely busy. Which largely depends if playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild qualifies at all as work. It definitely does.

I started off the year rather ambitiously, taking two classes and balancing three jobs. I’ve since downgraded to one class and three jobs, picking up Zelda to fill in the gap. In all seriousness though, juggling all that proved to be far more challenging than I initially thought. I dropped my graduate-level UConn course in refugee narratives. The idea was that I’d ease back into grad school, decide I’d prefer an English degree path, and go from there. It turns out that while I enjoyed the material, the English department doesn’t feel like where I belong. Not to mention that I had forgotten every grad class I’ve ever taken has consisted of regularly reading a couple hundred pages a week and producing a piece of scholarly writing. I’m glad I realized all this before applying to a program or doing anything else to move in a direction that didn’t suit me. Anyway, I couldn’t maintain that pace and I felt like I was slipping in the other areas and so that class was the most logical thing to jettison.

The other class I took, Video Filmmaking, has been going rather well, but it also turned into a far larger time commitment than I had originally anticipated. Despite a hefty background in film, I’ve never tried my hand at production. At UConn, I’ve been encouraged to create videos to accompany articles so it was partly a professional development decision to take the course. It’s been fun to make films and a good creative exercise for me. It also appears, and I didn’t plan or anticipate this at the outset, that I’ll be able to teach the course in a future semester. Given that my Introduction to Film class has struggled to run for the past few years, it’s a welcome return to my home discipline, which is where I feel most comfortable. My knowledge has been easy to translate into projects and I’m excited about the opportunity. But we’ll see what happens. I’m always wary of assuming anything will work out as planned, based on a lifetime of experience, and with the changes happening at state educational institutions, it’s difficult to say how things will look in the future but I’m trying to be positive.

What The Hell Have I

This has been my life for the past few months.

In a nutshell, the last few months have been consumed by class work, teaching, writing, and playing a steady schedule of gigs. I’m cautiously optimistic to say that everything on the horizon looks good and I have courses lined up in the fall already. My hours at UConn appear that they’ll increase in the near future and booking gigs has gotten easier now that we’re in at a few more venues.

The spring has been a hustle and to help relax is where Zelda comes in. Although I’m not sure it’s entirely healthy, given my propensity for compulsive behavior. I’ve spent most of the game running around and exploring every square inch of the enormous virtual world and collecting every item possible. I can’t recommend this game enough and it has amazing reviews so I hardly need to spend time convincing anyone.

We’re hoping to take time off this summer to relax and get ready for what will most certainly be a busy fall.

And keep an eye out for some new videos. I spent all this time making films for my class so I might as well share them!

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