Upgrading to Junkyard Heartstrings 2.0

On Sunday it’s going to be the official one year anniversary of Junkyard Heartstrings, marking the first complete show we played at The Stomping Ground. While I’ve intimated the direction we are aiming to head in with regards to writing original music, there are other imminent changes that we’re happy to share with you.

In Junkyard Heartstrings, we made a commitment to shape a clean sound with as much fidelity to the spirit and sound of the recordings we cover. Since we’ve grown more aware of ourselves as performers and possess gained confidence in our abilities, we’re ready to channel this to enhance particular aspects of music.

We want to give songs additional sonic flexibility and elaboration. I’ve been thoughtfully constructing a pedal board with a series of effects to complement particular tracks in our current repertoire and allow us to expand into other songs that we felt were slightly out of reach to fully realize. We relish in the challenge of overcoming limitations with a single, unadorned acoustic guitar and vocal, but there are plenty of songs that we believe will now be able to find their way into our sets. Be prepared for us to get simultaneously dreamier and edgier as we audibly define ourselves.

There will also be the introduction of light percussion. Shakers and a tambourine to give distinct movement and rhythm. I also need to contribute a bit more vocally to songs and overcome my hesitation to add myself into the mix.

With these coming revisions, we want to assure that we intend not to lose sight of our initial resolutions. Self-indulgence is not a trait we want associated with our band, aside from picking satisfying deep cuts from albums we love to share. We’re retaining our format, but experimenting.

We’re also updating from the classic music book to a tablet. While this is hardly revolutionary and most of the musicians we see use one, we’re going to welcome clearing the space in which we play and the capability to make it to the next song much faster.

As of this moment, our music books house 150 songs and are rapidly expanding. They teeter on the music stands and barely fit on their shelf. We have no desire to stop learning new songs so this is an inevitable conversion, but I’m sure going to miss the tangibility of flipping through our carefully transcribed lyrics and chords. It’s not surprising when you consider that we’re fans of reading physical books as well.

Currently, there is not a definitive timeline for these adaptations. It won’t appear as a watershed moment, but as a slow and cautious transition. We plan to make many live test runs at the venues we feel most comfortable, can hear ourselves well with a monitor, and that feature a forgiving crowd.

The place that best fits this bill is The Stomping Ground, where we still regularly play at their incomparable Open Mic Night. While these revisions won’t coincide with our anniversary there this weekend, we’ll definitely be in a celebratory mood.

We excitedly look forward to everyone continuing to come out and listen. Our deepest thanks and appreciation for the support. Hope you all enjoy our evolution.

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