Unintentional Summer Hiatus

It’s good to write a new post after a long seasonal break. As the title suggests, this wasn’t planned but we’ve certainly been investing our time in many other activities. With school ramping up and Fall right around the corner, it feels like an appropriate time to get back into the habit of writing.

Victoria Station Cafe

My view working at Victoria Station Cafe in Putnam, CT. Observing the changing of the seasons in one of my favorite creative enclaves.

As I mentioned, we’ve been busy. Our acoustic duo, Junkyard Heartstrings, has been successful beyond our initial expectations. We’ve played nearly every weekend (and some weekdays) over the summer and this trend seems to be stretching into the winter months as well. This project has consumed most of our time and attention lately, hence the lack of posts and updates on Interdigitized.

Junkyard Heartstrings does have a new home now with its own website. It felt right to give the band a place of its own given the passion, time, and commitment we’ve put into creating a successful and enjoyable endeavor.

Heidi had a great summer relaxing and getting into some new ventures, especially gardening. It made for a fruitful (though they were all vegetables) bounty throughout the summer. She also spent quite a lot of time planning out her social studies curriculum as she began teaching a new class. Her summer was rounded out nicely by a trip with her mom to Québec City. I won’t say much else as I’m sure she’ll have much more to say and show in regards to her vacation.

As for me, I’ve been here and there trying to find some suitable employment. I picked up an interim job in Providence at Community College of Rhode Island in their bookstore. I’d worked for several years in a community college bookstore before so it was familiar and filled in the summer. It was a bit of a commute on a less than ideal route, but I enjoyed the regularity of it and it helped propel some more job applications out the door in order to find a more permanent solution.

In sending out numerous cover letters and resumes, I found success at Mitchell College. I’m teaching two sections of one of their freshman courses now, Information & Technology Literacy. I was quite pleased to find a steady teaching gig after the summer to complement my position at Three Rivers Community College. There is also a strong chance that I will be able to teach some of the film courses at Mitchell in the Spring semester, in addition to lecturing on film at TRCC. Needless to say, I am beyond excited at the prospect of handling multiple film courses.

In writing this now, none of it seems to illustrate the seismic shift we feel has occurred over the summer and how positively things are going for us at the moment. Perhaps future posts will better illuminate our increased confidence and drive, but for now I’ll remain content to have broken the lapse in updates to Interdigitized.

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