Tips for Increasing and Prolonging Your Insomnia

As an chronic insomniac, you’d think I’d be interested in sharing positive advice to spread on how to improve your chances for sleep. Not really, because I hear it all the time from my doctor: eat well, drink less, and exercise.

Instead, I’m going to throw out some things I use to help fill the bounty of time opened by sleeplessness which leads not to a restful, peaceful mind but towards activities that inevitably don’t help you gain drowsiness at all.

I’ll number them here, but leave it out of the title because I’m sick of every article about multiple things needing a positive integer.

1. Mostly everything on Reddit, but especially Shower Thoughts. Single lines of endless wonder.

Tips to Increase and Prolong Your Insomnia 02

For example, “It would be really weird if emotional dramas had “cry tracks” similar to sitcom laugh tracks.”

It was a near tie with Funny.

2. Using Wikipedia articles to get from one topic to another without using the search tool in The Wiki Game.

Try your hand at getting from Vijay (actor) to Stanford University.

3. Being dropped somewhere in the world via Google Maps on GeoGuessr and having to discern exactly where you are (points are awarded based on the distance between your guess and the actual location) is surprisingly addicting.

I learned that knowing you’re in Russia still leaves a lot of ambiguity as to exact location.

Tips to Increase and Prolong Your Insomnia 03

Dirt road, houses, large piles of wood, hills and/or mountains. All important clues that have greatly narrowed the possibilities.

4. I love playing games from previous generations of consoles. It’s partly nostalgic, but also convenient since video games today can take hours, day, and years to complete. These aren’t quite so involved, but are still challenging and fun. Choose from a robust list of games from Nintendo, Playstation, Sega, and other systems on Game Oldies.

Tips to Increase and Prolong Your Insomnia 04

Iron, fire, and a scroll. All you need to get going.

Too much available to fully offer all my suggestions, but two strange games I recommend checking out are MYSTERIUM (as above) and MONSTER PARTY (so below).

Tips to Increase and Prolong Your Insomnia 06

MONSTER PARTY is difficult to explain.

Tips to Increase and Prolong Your Insomnia 05

Very difficult.

5. Strong Bad, Teen Girl Squad, Trogdor, if these names mean nothing to you then you must head over to Homestar Runner and enjoy the earlier days of internet comedy before the rise of YouTube.

Tips to Increase and Prolong Your Insomnia 08

A reminder that it’s a dangerous world out there.

There’s also games on there that beautifully mock some of the things you’d find on the previous link. I highly recommend PEASANT QUEST (which provided the featured graphic for this piece) and THY DUNGEONMAN 3.

Tips to Increase and Prolong Your Insomnia 07

Enjoy your wakeful state!

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