‘Til The 21st Century Lose

This week has crawled by.

If I can be sure of anything, it’s that I’ve been shaken out of my complacency and so have many others. It’s been nice to talk to people and see the connections being made on social media as many are dealing with anxiety and fear following the results of the election. There’s been a lot of donations to good causes and political organization happening, which is exciting.

Heidi and I have started to explore volunteer opportunities and discuss ways that we can prepare and offer help to whomever needs it in preparation for whatever is around the corner.

For now, we’ve been spending time trying to regain our footing.

On Thursday night we got together with one of our Norwich Community Cinema (NCC) friends to see MOONLIGHT. We had dinner and an excellent conversation where we tried to make sense of the world following Tuesday.

MOONLIGHT was easily one of the best films of the year. The film follows a gay black man growing up in Miami and his experiences as he comes to terms with his sexuality. I highly recommend it and also suggest that it’s good to immerse yourself in anything that takes you away from your identities and the life you’re familiar with to think as someone else and feel for someone else. We might have less problems if people were willing and able to do that.

I realized how fortunate I am to have met great people through the NCC and it makes me optimistic as I explore other ways to volunteer. I recently met with someone at UConn to discuss participating in their First Year Experience program and it’s something I want to try to make time to do. I’ve considering doing a mentoring program, climate change advocacy, and other things but I’m not quite sure what I want to be involved in yet. Heidi has been looking into ESL services.

Friday night we played music and that was a nice release. On Saturday we helped with the NCC’s monthly film, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC. We had dinner beforehand with my sister-in-law which turned out to be a nice birthday surprise. Following the film we met up with some friends and had a few drinks.

Sunday was my birthday.

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