State Of Love And Trust

It’s worth noting that two weekends ago we didn’t have a gig. It was first full weekend we’ve had off since October (I checked the calendar to confirm). We didn’t plan it that way but we certainly took advantage of it.

Our Friday night was spent at home casually having a meal together. Most Fridays we’re trying to quickly throw something edible together and get out the door so it was a relief to finish a week and not have to be anywhere other than home.

This was especially good since we were up and out the door early Saturday for Record Store Day. Record Store Day celebrates independent brick and mortar record stores. Artists put out a number of special releases that day to celebrate vinyl and encourage shoppers to buy locally. I had a list of things I wanted to pick up, including releases from Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jane’s Addiction, and a compilation of Leonard Cohen covers featuring Glen Hansard and Joseph Arthur. We headed out to Rhode Island for Newbury Comics and chose to divide and conquer; I dropped Heidi off at Providence Place mall and I headed down to Warwick.

State Of Love And Trust 1

Music = Life

There were lines already formed at both stores despite arriving 30-45 minutes before their 8am opening, but we were successful in finding everything I wanted to get. Fulfilling our consumerist goals so early in the day left us able to relax and explore things around Providence.

State Of Love And Trust 4

I can’t even convey how delicious this was.

That afternoon we headed to a movie, THE LOST CITY OF Z, which has received stellar reviews and sounded intriguing. It follows a character in the early 20th century in search of a lost city in the Amazon. Having recently watched and loved EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, which is set in the same time period and also involves explorers in the Amazon, we were excited to see it. I have to say that it was one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve ever had in the theater. I’ve never considered walking out of a movie only 30 minutes in, but we seriously thought about doing so and, in retrospect, we probably should have left. I’m not sure what everyone is raving about as the film was, for lack of a better term, flat. It’s possible that our experience of it was through the lens of EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, which has a far superior story, acting, and cinematography. THE LOST CITY OF Z was clumsy and arbitrary in its plot (oh, suddenly rations are a problem, now there are piranhas, who exactly was that native guide that shared a tale of a lost city, what was his background?, wait, they have horses with them that we never see?). I think the cinematography attempted to cover for the lack of a story and did try to contrast the dark and cramped spaces of English homes and offices and trench warfare in WWI with the brighter, open and mysterious world of the Amazon. Although even that presentation is undone by an early scene in which the main character tells his wife he is embarking on the trip while in an open field. In the end, the film didn’t really build to any particular message or point or anything worth taking away. In conclusion, see EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT.

State Of Love And Trust 3

Between the intensity of this note and the misspelling of chair, I’m not quite sure what to think of this flea market we stumbled upon.

We felt somewhat guilty not participating in the science marches taking place that day, especially since we could have attended, so we have to thank everyone that marched in support of logic and reason.

On Sunday, we celebrated St. Jordi’s Day. It’s a holiday celebrated in Barcelona that involves exchanging books and flowers. So, we headed down to The Book Barn and capped off the evening with paella in New Haven. Similar to Saturday, we explored and made a number of stops here and there, incorporating a good deal of walking that was sorely missed over the winter months.

State Of Love And Trust 2

What a lovely couple.

However, don’t go outside to walk now for you will most certainly be covered in gypsy moth caterpillars (or ticks, thanks to milder winters due to climate change). I can only hope that the recent rain has helped spur the growth of a fungus that tends to the caterpillars.

State Of Love And Trust 5

Remember the fungus from the weird SUPER MARIO BROS. movie? No? Count yourself lucky.

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