Settling In

Now that I am gainfully employed at UConn, solving one large variable in my life, I’m at work recalculating the other parts.

Although having switched out one unknown for a constant comes with a caveat, as my job is currently part-time (it’s been indicated that this will change, it’s only a matter of when) and my hours, despite having submitted a schedule, are malleable. However, this still represents a newfound, and welcome, consistency.

I chose to work in the mornings with a Wednesday off since not too many music gigs fall upon that day of the week, giving me a guaranteed work-free day. My hours for Friday are slightly longer, in contrast to most people who would probably prefer to work shorter hours at the end of the week, but my reasoning was two-fold. Firstly, I usually have a gig later that evening so my weekend doesn’t even technically start that day. Secondly, I like to get things done before I start a new week. Nearly every job I’ve had, especially the teaching, always has things dragging over into the following week. While I realize this will certainly happen at UConn as well, I’d like to give myself extra time to at least complete certain tasks and plan ahead so when I get back in on Monday I can start right away on whatever I need to get done. Mainly this has been writing articles and profiles along with conducting interviews.

My job is going well. I feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the programs that my office covers, and the fact that they’re all disciplines with which I’m hugely unfamiliar, but I’m learning a lot and already nearly two months into it I’m feeling more comfortable and knowledgeable.

With work sorted out, for now, and the music bookings becoming fairly regular and stretching further into the future, most of our weekends are scheduled now into September, it’s easier to turn to other matters.

Employment at two schools (I’m returning to adjunct at Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) in the fall) offers advantages in the way of reduced or free education. At TRCC I’m thinking of taking a computer programming course. I’d like to learn more intricate computer-based skills and I believe I can take a course a semester for free. I have to look at the UConn benefits more closely as far as what tuition is covered (there’s reimbursements and waivers), but I’m considering their Digital Media and Design Certificate and debating applying to the English M.A. program. For the latter I’d have to take the GRE again though as my previous scores have since lapsed. I also need to work on my foreign language abilities and I’ve been trying to find a groove with Spanish which is laughable considering an experience teacher of the language lives in my house. Although she continually threatens to speak in nothing but Spanish so I might need to get to work and take it more seriously.

The rest of my desires fall into a variety of organizational objectives and artistic endeavors that I won’t enumerate here, though feel more attainable since I’ve accomplished other aspirations. Despite being content with my current arrangements, I’m always eager for upheaval and stirring even more interesting plans into the mix.

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