Remembering Brian Love

Brian Love

Saying that Brian Love was complex would be an absolute understatement.  We were friends in high school, though it was difficult to feel near to someone who at times was intensely introverted and simultaneously an extrovert, constantly negotiating their relationship with the universe and the unknown.  I’m not quite sure what we bonded over, aside from a desire for something more than our consciousness was capable of understanding or producing.

I remember sharing deodorant with him.  He offered that I should have no fear of any spread of bacteria as most deodorants were alcohol-based.  It wasn’t a concern I had at the time, but it reflected Brian’s extensive and esoteric knowledge while simultaneously shedding light on his capacity to understand the personal preoccupations that afflicted people.

He borrowed 12 MONKEYS from me at some point.  It was a challenge to get the film back from him.  I can’t quite recall the reasons for his fascination with it — probably some combination of the fluidity of time, the investigation into madness, the fate of humanity, and the role of fantasy and dreams.

With his raccoon skull around his neck, it was easy to dismiss Brian as an eccentric.  However, in his short time with us, he grew, matured, lived, and contemplated the world far more than most of us will in a lifetime.  I think it was the power of his endlessly inquisitive mind that will always remain.  To me Brian truly was the symbol of hope for the human race — always asking, always skeptical, always searching, and most of all, never denying the magic or mystery that accompanies existence.

I’m not surprised that Brian would boldly go where we would not have gone before.  He lived his life traveling further and deeper than any of us have tried.  I just wish he had stayed a bit longer with us before continuing on his journey.  However, his fearlessness and intrepid spirit remain.

Rest in peace seems inappropriate.

I’m sure he will forever be hunting, gathering, planting, and building a new world in some distant part of the cosmos.

Brian Love

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