Out On The Weekend

The weekend before last was grounding.

A few weeks ago Heidi had a health scare with a low platelet count. She’s fine now and slowly being weaned off medications, but that experience really affected us, more than I think we initially realized.

On our walk today we agreed that one thing we need to work on is our resiliency.

We tend to be fine with planning ahead and being thorough but there are times when we miss something or encounter an unforeseen obstacle that grinds our progress in everything to a halt.

This was the case with Heidi’s illness and other things in the last few weeks where we’ve let ourselves be consumed by anxiety to the point where it’s debilitating.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue in the classroom or with work. For example, we’ve become all too familiar with the perils of planning around technology, so I’m not sure why we lose our ability to think and act positively in other areas when problems occur.

Over the weekend I think we’ve been able to better relax and get things back in perspective.

My parents, seeing a rare gig-less Friday evening and intuitively sensing where we’ve been at, reached out and invited us to see Keb’ Mo’ with them at UConn. We had dinner at Willimantic Brewing Company, took in a mellow night of blues music, and returned to Willibrew for dessert. We needed that.

On Saturday we played at one of our regular stops, Shipyard Tavern at Latitude 41 Restaurant in Mystic, CT. My parents came, as they usually do at least once a weekend when we’re playing, and we had a number of other friends show up as well which was heartening.

We spent Sunday in Putnam. Heidi had a student who invited her to a performance at The Complex Performing Arts Centre. She went there and I worked for a bit at Victoria Station Cafe. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Thai Place. We returned to Victoria Station to work some more and enjoyed the first snowfall of the year in the glow of downtown Putnam, looking down from the loft of the cafe.

Then we joined our musical family at The Stomping Ground for open mic night. It’s a place that always has a lot of love and warmth to share. It did not disappoint.

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