My Oblio Hat

My favorite record growing up (and I do mean record, as I listened to our family’s vinyl copy), was Harry Nilsson‘s THE POINT!  The album recites the tale of Oblio and his dog, Arrow, in narration and song.  Oblio is a young boy who lives in the Land of Point.  The town’s people have points on their heads as do the animals and everything else in the town.  As Nilsson describes, “everything in the land of point had one.”  The only exception to this rule was Oblio who was born without a point (see how the clever wordplay comes in?).  His mother knits him a cap to “conceal his pointless condition,” but everyone is already aware of his abnormality.  It is a large image of Oblio and his cap that adorns the cover of the album:

The Point!

Awesomely underrated album cover art.

The visual aspect of this album was particularly important to me.  Though it was made into an animated film that I remember watching, it was the liner notes in the form of a comic that truly captured the story in images for me.  I distinctly remember reading along with the album.  Here’s the tattered remains, as proof of its frequent handling:

The Point! Comic Insert

It’s actually not in bad shape. Notice the tape in the upper left hand corner through the evil Count.

I won’t give away any portion of Oblio’s adventures beyond what you can muster from the above image.  Needless to say, I highly recommend you give it a listen.  THE POINT! means so much to me that I don’t want to try to even discuss its relevance in my life, or how genius I think Nilsson’s approach was, as I’ll save that for a later post.  Rather, I want to revel in the fact that Heidi created a replica of Oblio’s knit cap that can now conceal my own pointless condition for the winter.   Well, it might not do that, but it sure is warm.  Let me end this by sharing my re-creation of the album cover:

THE POINT! Re-Created

It’s a-me, Oblio!

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