Linking to Wikipedia: A Personal Quandary

In many of the posts on here, I provide links to additional information via Wikipedia. I’m conflicted about this decision.

Part of the difficulty is that I was someone that spent hours upon hours sifting through articles, books, and yes, even microfilm, to write my papers. I adore quality research and presentation.

I utilize Wikipedia for two primary reasons: convenience and reliability. Now, when I say the latter, I mean this more in the sense that I can be sure 20 years from now that the hyperlink I provide will still exist. There are plenty of inherent problems in the design and ability for individuals to manipulate key pieces of information in Wikipedia, but my intention is to provide some general background and a launch pad for those seeking more information.

Wikipedia is accessible and provides a one-stop shop for basic knowledge. I certainly advocate for checking facts and information further on your own from more dependable sources, but it’s a starting point.

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