Interdigitized’s Additions and Changes for 2015

We took a bit of a hiatus from Interdigitized over this holiday break, but now it’s the New Year and we’re ready to get back into the swing of things.

This site is not yet ripe enough for a complete overhaul, but I do want to highlight some new sections and revamped areas.

We’ve rebranded the Music section to correspond with our newly adopted band name, Junkyard Heartstrings.  It now features an updated biography and musical statement, a photo gallery, and a calendar to be filled with upcoming performances.  Additionally, we have a new SoundCloud page for Junkyard Heartstrings with more professionally recorded tracks.  Be sure to like Junkyard Heartstrings on Facebook and follow us on Twitter as well.  The Interdigitized SoundCloud page will remain (where our songs originally were posted), but is currently empty.

We’ve also added our own personal pages to Interdigitized under Jason and Heidi.  This allows us to better add some specific things about ourselves as individuals and incorporate our teaching materials and links as well as some other side projects onto the site.  While these pages are still under construction, we hope it will let us share some other things with you, such as what we’re currently reading and watching.  The aim is ultimately to motivate us to incorporate more discussion of films, novels, and other works on Interdigitized.

The reviews that we do have (and will have more of) will now be separate blog entries.  I’m speaking specifically of the Intervals blog entries that also feature a review of a concert performance.  The reviews will now be separate and categorized as Decipherings blog posts.  Our belief is that some people only want to read about the personal experience leading up to and following the show.  Others may want only want to read the review for a discussion of the performance and aren’t interested in what other activities filled that day.  We’ll link the two articles for our readers who want both.

These are just a few initial changes we’re making.  We hope to make the site even more interesting as the year progresses.  Enjoy!

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