Impromptu Eating, Walking, and Photography

A few weekends ago (yes, I still haven’t managed to catch up on these), we decided we’d get out of the house for a bit to grab a late breakfast at one of the most deliciously unknown dining spots in the area, When Pigs Fly Cafe.  The food is great, service is wonderful, and there is bottomless coffee and tea where you’re even encouraged to take one to go.  It’s hard not to love the place.  Fortunately, it’s open every day of the week.  Unfortunately, it’s only open until 2pm.

This means going there during the week is impossible.  The weekends aren’t much better since we’re good at staying up late, but not too good at getting moving the following morning.  Combine that with a bit of a drive and we usually don’t make the cutoff.  However, those rare times when we do make it, I don’t even usually get breakfast.  They make this sandwich called the Mookie that is Thanksgiving on a Kaiser roll with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo.  I partly think there’s some draw because I used to frequent this diner in NYC (which has since closed) that had an awesome Thanksgiving meal.  I’m also a big Pearl Jam fan and the band had originally named themselves after a basketball player, Mookie Blaylock, so there’s that too.  It’s hard to decide though.  Just look at a recent specials board:

When Pigs Fly Specials Board

Mmmm… specials.

However, we mustered our energy one morning to get there.  We didn’t have much of a plan besides filling our stomachs with delicious food stuffs.  Afterwards as we pondered what to do, I decided to simply hit the road and head towards a park to walk for a bit given that the weather has been so nice.  We went to, forgive my formality with names, Harkness Memorial State Park.  It sits on Long Island Sound, offering a pleasant ocean view.  There’s not much to detail with a beautiful walk in words so enjoy some pictures from our stroll:


Heidi battling the wind. (Photo: Jason)


Jason tolerating the camera being directed at him. (Photo: Heidi)


Down by the seashore. (Photo: Jason & Heidi — I can’t remember who held the camera.)


Check out the bee earrings! (Photo: Jason)


A Roman jungle. (Photo: Jason)


I like making empty space in photographs. (Photo: Jason)


Looks like some kind of estate. Makes me want to watch LA RÈGLE DU JEU [THE RULES OF THE GAME] (France, 1939), Dir. Jean Renoir. (Photo: Jason)


Vegetation. (Photo: Heidi)


Something about that triangle of empty space caught my eye. (Photo: Jason)


A Rorschach test of sorts. (Photo: Jason)


Some kind of greenhouse. (Photo: Jason)

Wall House

It looks like a house carved in a wall. That metal piece is either a spotlight or camera. Use your imagination. (Photo: Jason)


Disconnected. (Photo: Jason)

Afterwards, we went to Ocean Beach Park having remembered the boardwalk there to be much longer than it actually was (sorry, no pictures).  On the way back home I remembered we weren’t far from another quiet place to hike, the Connecticut College Arboretum.  Heidi had never been there so we walked traveled around the circuitous trail.  I took advantage of my superior vision (it’s the contacts) to read the placards denoting the type of tree to continually act as though I knew (the real joke here is that I’m hopelessly inept at identifying anything in the way of plants, animals, or even your basic fruits and vegetables).  I’m not kidding, do you know how hard it is for me to figure out the difference between a cucumber and zucchini?  Anyway, it wasn’t much of a ruse, but I think the verbal repetition helped me learn something (we’ll see next time I’m tested on tree identification).  We finished our route and ended our day out, but I managed to snap this lovely shot of a beautiful lady:

Heidi at the Arboretum

Adorable. (Photo: Jason)

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