What is Interdigitized?

Digitization is the act of changing information or pictures to digital form.  On this site we plan to “digitize” aspects of our lives and the things we each observe.  This is primarily a blog about culture: pop culture, world culture, film, music, literature, and education, written through the lens of our personal experiences as teachers, newlyweds, and former graduate students.  In one sense, this process of converting aspects of our lives and our reflections on culture defines what it means to interdigitize.

The word, interdigitize, while not (yet) canonized in the dictionary, can also be used to describe the act of interlacing the fingers together, as you would when holding hands with another.  This represents the way we work and live our lives together, constantly hashing out ideas with each other, offering suggestions and improving one another’s work to the point that, ultimately, no final product is ever completely owned independently by one of us.

Our aspiration is that interdigitize will come to be understood not only as a process of transposing and the act of entwining our lives, but that it will also include sharing them with you to add to the conversations and ideas we start here.

Through Interdigitized we aim to accomplish more than simply a blog and outlet for writing.  We also plan to include other ventures and goals as we progress, one of the primary of which is a platform for sharing and playing music.  Please check Junkyard Heartstrings to read about our acoustic duo cover band.

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