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The blog is divided into three separate sections: Intervals, Decipherings, and Refractions.


Intervals is where we share our current lives: in general, what we’re up to and how we feel about it.  These updates will occur on a daily or weekly basis (or some fraction thereof) depending on the quality and quantity of our experiences.  Intervals is an appropriate name for this section as it refers to the division of time between certain points.  This also implies that these reflections on our lives will have appropriate and relevant starting and ending points, as we hope to avoid any sense of forcing discussion of banal or trivial actions.


Decipherings is where we discuss aspects of culture.  The impetus for these entries usually stems from events that have taken place or some inspirational observation, but ones we believe necessitate a more thorough meditation and discussion.  This section draws its name from the belief we are decoding situations, events, and perceptions into meaningful critiques and ruminations on life and society.


Refractions is where we recollect past events, trips, and memories.  We’ve participated in a lot of activities, visited a lot of places, and felt a lot of ways about things that it is sometimes overwhelming in the moment to process anything.  This branch of the blog allows us the space to remember and reincorporate these moments and situations into our lives.  It is not merely reflection because we acknowledge the inevitable mutations in ourselves over time as both internal and external: these episodes are displaced by changes in our perception and transform in the context of other experiences we have shared.  Refraction also refers to the variances in traveling from one medium to another.  In this case, from lived experience in the past to its new existence as digitized and written in the present.



This section includes all the information about our acoustic duo cover band, Junkyard Heartstrings.


Contains information related to our band name, Junkyard Heartstrings, as well as our musical statement, experience, and aspirations.

Song List

Features a complete list of songs that we perform.

Audio and Video

Hear and see Junkyard Heartstrings.

Photo Gallery

Pictures of us performing and for publicity purposes.


A list of our upcoming gigs.


How to reach us for booking Junkyard Heartstrings or if you’re just asking a question.



Jason’s personal page.


Jason’s full biography.


Information about Jason’s classes and teaching career.


Notable mentions in the media.



Heidi’s personal page.


Heidi’s full biography.


Information about Heidi’s classes and teaching career.


Links to Heidi’s published work.


Notable mentions in the media.



What is Interdigitized?

The idea behind the word “interdigitized” and the mission of our site.

Who Are We?  Who We Are.

Short biographies of Jason and Heidi.



How to get in touch with us.

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